• If certifications are like climbing a mountain then passing the CCIE lab is surely like climbing "Mt. Everest". Only a distinct few have done that.


    CCIE and Mt. Everest

    We all heard about the first team to conquer Mt. Everest, the highest peak in this world, was the team of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. What is not well known is that two days before them another pair from the same team Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans came within 300 feet of the summit. They had to turn back because of oxygen problems.  It turned out that their selfless work in finding the best route and breaking the trail and the extra oxygen helped the next pair of Norgay and Hillary climb the peak successfully.
    We have climbed the Mt. Everest of Cisco Certifications twice and we have laid out the path to achieving this success very clearly in our book “Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy”.
    This book is not only a story to our path to success but also adds what we learned from many other CCIEs.

    This first of its kind guidebook is a result of filtering and crystallizing all of the ideas and strategies that we collected from talking with a large number of CCIEs.