About Nielsen's Frozen Custard

Wondering what a "concrete" is? Or why our frozen custard tastes so darn good? Read on to find out!

What is frozen custard?

Frozen custard is similar to a thick, soft, rich premium ice cream minus the fluff (air).

What is the difference between frozen custard and ice cream?

Frozen custard differs from ice cream in that it is made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. Frozen custard is frozen shortly before serving and not hardened like traditional ice creams. It also contains much less air, giving it a thick, rich and creamy consistency.

What makes Nielsen’s Frozen Custard so good?

Even with all the rave reviews, our frozen custard has less calories and less fat than premium ice cream. Our patented machine just knows how to make it smooth and creamy without the calories it tastes like it has.

Where did frozen custard get its start?

The story goes that frozen custard was invented when an ice cream vendor was looking for a way to prevent his ice cream from melting too quickly. With the addition of eggs to his recipe, he found he’d created a new magical concoction! Known as frozen custard, this new ice cream had a smoother consistency and richer taste than regular ice cream.

No one know quite sure when the first frozen custard machine was invented. It is believed that 1919 was the landmark year, as that was the first time it was brought to Coney Island. Over 18,000 cones were sold in the first weekend and vendors started to travel across the country selling the delicious treat. Frozen custard’s fame grew and by the 1940s, there were hundreds of frozen custard stands throughout the East and Midwest.

Does Nielsen’s Frozen Custard only serve custard?

No! We have a large menu with many options, from hamburgers and fries to hot sandwiches with German hot potato salad or red cabbage salad.

What is a “concrete?”

A “concrete” is a rich, creamy, frozen custard shake that is as “almost” as hard as concrete.

What is a “grinder?”

A “grinder” is what we call our delicious sandwiches. We “fresh slice” our own meat and “grind” our own pepper relish. Our grinders are over eight inches and nothing but fresh quality.